Your potato questions unpeeled

Is this a joke?
No. You can send your message on a nice potato totally anonymously. You can send a potato to anyone, for any occasion. It could be for a birthday, to congratulate someone or to say you are sorry etc.
Why would I send someone a potato?
Sending someone a potato is a fun way to send someone a funny gift that makes them smile and laugh - and because it's anonymous it gives you the opportunity to make it even funnier. Cards and flowers are boring, we've all had them countless times before, and the sheer unusual and ridiculous nature of a message on a potato will make someones day. The thought of your recipient opening their parcel, their confusion, and laughter are enough to make you want to send them a potato.
Is your site and the online shop secure?
Yes our site is secure, you can tell because our site address starts with ‘https’ and you can also click on the padlock icon beside this to verify we’re using a valid security certificate. We use a company called ‘Stripe’ to provide our online payments, the same as Amazon and ASOS and they use the most secure technology available to keep your payment data safe.
What are the delivery charges?
All our orders are delivered free of charge by 2nd class post. If you want you can choose to pay extra at checkout to upgrade to 1st class delivery.
What about returns or refunds?
We can cancel an order and refund you if we haven’t already created your custom potato or joke card so please let us know as soon as possible. We can’t offer you a refund if we’ve already made or shipped your order.
What kind of messages can I send?
We’re happy to write any message you want, profanity included, as long as it’s in fun and lighthearted. If we think your message is threatening, hateful or harmful we’ll contact you by email before sending your order to suggest you change the message.
How big are the potatoes?
Our premium potatoes are large, hand picked, no expenses spared, good looking baking potatoes so you can have a lot of words in your message on these. Our value potatoes are smaller, but still good looking and can fit through a letterbox.
where do you get your potatoes from?
We only use the best quality organic UK potatoes. We hand pick them ourselves to make sure you get the best looking ones in the UK.
How anonymous is the potato?
All our products are as anonymous as you want them to be. No one will ever know they are from you unless you say so in your included message.
Aren't you wasting good food?
We suppose you could argue that. But in reality potatoes are much more renewable than greetings cards. Each UK household wastes 7 trees worth of paper a year. Potatoes take 50 days to grow while the average for a tree is 10 years. And besides, potatoes recycle themselves.
Can I eat the potato I got?
We don't recommend that you eat the potato as it's been written on with ink. We think you should display it on your fireplace or somewhere nice out of direct sunlight.